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Server Information
« on: December 27, 2018, 08:10:38 am »
Kiss of Death|Calamitous|2x Harvest-XP|Pickup+|by
- Server established on June 24, 2018.

Server checks for updates every 15 minutes and will update if needed! It will also notify users of the update via Discord.

Mod List: (See for mod links and help)
1. The Age of Calamitous
2. Pickup+

2x XP / Harvest
NO Drop on Death: Keep Your Items When You Die.
Pickup+: You can pickup (almost) everything you've placed.
Clan Max 8 Players.
Purge has no time limit.
Server restarts daily at 5am EST. A Message will be posted on Discord when restarting.
No server wipes ever (although a 3 month building decay will be initiated if too crowded).
Hosted in Eagle, MI USA on Battery Backup/Standby Generator
Server back ups every 6 hours.
Friendly 40+ year-old admin that does not cheat.

Server name: Kiss of Death|Calamitous|2x Harvest-XP|Pickup+|by
IP Address:


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