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ConanServerUtility_Phoenix125_Edition - A Utility to Keep Your Conan Exiles Dedicated Server updated (and schedule server restarts, download and install new server files, and more!)
- Latest version: ConanServerUtility_Phoenix125_Edition_v1.3 (2019-01-25) (Fixed condition that caused continuous server updates)
- By Phoenix125 | | |
- A slightly modified version of Dateranoth's ConanExilesServerUtility-3.2.3 |

This Phoenix125 Edition has a few minor new features added to Dateranoth's original ConanServerUtility v3.2.3:
1. The option to enable/disable SERVER UPDATE announcements prior to a server restart.
2. The option to enable/disable SERVER SCHEDULED restart announcements prior to a server restart.
3. The option to enable/disable MOD UPDATE announcements prior to a server restart.
* Why these minor features?  I wanted my Discord users to be notified of mod and/or server updates, but not be spammed with daily server restarts.
4. The ability to run an external script before and/or AFTER steamcmd file validation: added by request.
5. Simplified the .ini file slightly.

Features already included from Dateranoth's original ConanServerUtility v3.2.3:
- OK to use with most other server managers: Use this tool to install and maintain the server and use your other tools to manage game play features.
- Automatically download and install a new Conan Exiles Dedicated Server and MODS: No need to do it manually.
- Automatically keeps server and mods updated.
- Announce server updates and/or restarts in game, on Discord and/or Twitch.
- KeepServerAlive: Detects server crashes and will restart the server.
- Enable Avatars by scheduled time.
- Enable building damage schedule time.
- User-defined scheduled reboots.
- Remote restart (via web browser).
- Run multiple instances of ConanServerUtil_Phoenix125_Edition to manage multiple servers.
- Clean shutdown of your server.
- Optionally restart server on excessive memory use.
- Optionally run external scripts before and/or after steamcmd updates.

Latest Version:
Source Code (AutoIT):


- Based on Dateranoth's ConanExilesServerUtility-3.2.3 (THANK YOU!)


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