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AtlasServerUpdateUtility (ASUU) Discussion / Disabling Dino Respawn
« on: November 02, 2021, 02:22:37 pm »
I have my Blackwood ASUU Server restarting every morning but there are no fish anywhere so I thought it might be the "Force Dino Respawn" part of the ASUU but I'm having problems disabling it.
[--------------- SCHEDULED DESTROYWILDDINOS ---------------]
Send DestroyWildDinos? (yes/no) ###=no
Send DestroyWildDinos days (comma separated 0-Everyday 1-Sunday 7-Saturday 0-7 ex.2,4,6) ###=30
Send DestroyWildDinos hours (comma separated 00-23 ex.04,16) ###=03
Send DestroyWildDinos minute (0-59) ###=00

Did I set this right to only run every 30 days at 3am?
Your help would be awesome and I love this program.

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